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Repairing Roller Shutters: Emergency Cases OR Not!

Installing roller shutters in retail shops or commercial buildings is one of the common trends today. Either for extra protection or designer purposes, roller shutters are a way to go.

These contemporary roller shutters can also be installed in warehouses, garages, and factories. This is mainly because of their durability, robust nature, and user-friendly nature. Installing roller shutters in a retail shop can serve the shop owner for about a decade with proper maintenance and handling. However, they can also get damaged or affected by the prevailing weather conditions, depending on the type of roller shutter used.

Repairing damaged or roller shutters that have failed to shut or open may either take the effort of the shop owner or an experienced roller shutter repairer. This generally depends on the amount of damage and the expertise required.

How are Roller Shutters Repaired?

As a leading roller shutter installer and repairer in UK, we follow the following steps while repairing clients’ roller shutters.

  • Survey of the Damaged Roller Shutter

Though roller shutters are generally durable, they have a vulnerable slat, normally the first one that can easily wear out. Also, certain slats have a tendency of getting twisted, which can tamper with their performance.

Therefore, our professional team will first and foremost look at the slats and the extent of the damage. In case the slats are stuck or broken, a repair approach is generated.

  • Removing the Damaged Slats

Unless the entire roller shutter is damaged, this case will require a new roller shutter. Meanwhile, in the case one or a few slats are stuck or there is no movement due to a deformity, the damaged slats and the rest of them are to be removed to facilitate repair.

  • Replacing the Slats

Once all the slats are removed, the damage is fixed on the doorway, new slats and the rest of the fine slats are gathered back together. Any kind of change can be made if required

  • Fixing the Roller Shutter

Once all the slats are attached, they are fixed to a roller shutter. The performance of the roller shutter is examined carefully to observe its performance.

Emergency Roller Shutter Repair Services

United Shopfront Limited is the leading emergency roller shutter repair in London, repairing roller shutters within the shortest period possible. Emergency roller shutter repair services generally require a speedy repair approach as the client may need to open the shop for work or close it at the end of the day.

We are fully available and our experienced team in this field is able to correct any malfunction in the shortest time possible. Our professional team is fully licensed to offer roller shutter services throughout UK.

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